Mini events are short and sweet, themed shoots for children in the studio. They are limited to specific dates and times.

  • {xoxo} valentine's day
  • {hippity hoppity} easter
  • {i love mom} mother's day
  • {i love dad} father's day
  • {best friends} pets
  • {favorite things} children with their favorite collections
  • {life is grand} grandparents
  • {back to school}
  • {trick-or-treat} halloween

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  • valentine's-day-photo-dandelion-dreams_2.jpg
  • easter-photo-dandlion-dreams_1.jpg
  • mother's-day-photo-dandelion-dreams_1.jpg
  • fathers-day-photo-dandelion-dreams_1.jpg
  • dog-photography-dandelion-dreams_1.jpg
  • favorite-things-dandelion-dreams_1.jpg
  • school-photo-dandelion-dreams_1.jpg
  • grandparents-photo-dandelion-dreams_1.jpg
  • halloween-photo-dandelion-dreams_1.jpg

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