“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.” ~Robert Brault

It’s the day-to-day details that make up the fullness of our lives: getting dressed and brushing teeth, mealtime and bath time, sharing stories, tickles and laughter—and, yes, even tantrums and tears. Yet these moments pass so quickly, one day after the next, that few of us have the chance to pause and reflect on the ordinary miracles that happen each day.

“Day in the Life” albums do just that: reflect the moments that tell the unique story of your family. Not the made-up-for-the-camera portrait of family life, but a naturalistic view of you and your loved ones in your daily routine—windblown curls, skinned knees and all. I spend all day with your family, from wake-up time to bedtime, documenting the details of your daily life in an unobtrusive, photojournalistic style. Because I strive to capture the individual personalities of each family member, as well as the essence of the family as a whole, we’ll schedule to shoot on an average day in your normal home—without the pressure of a “perfect” outfit, hairstyle or house. To tell the true story of your family, the more natural the better!

After our day together, you’ll receive an archival-quality, leather-bound photo album with thick, durable pages that document the beautiful moments that make up a single day in your life. A $2000 investment covers a full day of photo-documentation, plus a leather-bound album that will last for generations. (Additionally, you can purchase a digital image collection.)

Sample {day in the life} album pages below...

  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_26.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_27.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_24.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_25.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_23.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_21.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_22.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_20.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_19.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_18.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_17.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_16.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_15.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_14.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_13.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_9.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_8.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_12.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_11.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_7.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_10.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_6.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_5.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_3.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_4.jpg
  • 1day_in_life_dandelion_dreams_1.jpg

{day in the life}